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Born(1985-03-03)March 3, 1985
Samrala, Punjab, India

Babbal Rai (born 3 March 1985) is an Indian Punjabi singer, songwriter and film actor. His real birth name is Simranjeet Singh Rai. Born in Samrala, a city in the Ludhiana district of Punjab, India, He belongs to a Jatt Sikh Family and he graduated from DAV College, has always enjoyed a passion towards cricket. He was trained by Yograj Singh (father of Yuvraj Singh) and aspired to be a cricketer, later he moved to Melbourne where he uploaded a video called "Australian Challa" which made him a YouTube sensation. Later the adopted version of the song was released in the Bollywood movie Crook.[1][2] He rose to fame from the song Nikki Jehi Jind.[3] He also starred in the film Mr & Mrs 420, along with Jassi Gill and Binnu Dhillon[4]

Babbal Rai is as a Artist in music industry.

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* Mai Terra Akshay - Babbal Rai,Bohemia

* Uche Uche Kad - Babbal Rai

* Rondi Tere Layi - Babbal Rai

* Dream Boy - Babbal Rai

* Kade Kade - Babbal Rai

* Saau Putt - Babbal Rai

* Nikki Jehi Jind - Babbal Rai

* Aashiqi - Babbal Rai

* Chandigarh - Babbal Rai

* Jawani Wale Din - Babbal Rai

* Mawan - Babbal Rai

* Gathi - Babbal Rai

* Kade Kade - Babbal Rai

* Sun Ja - Babbal Rai

* Jind Meri - Babbal Rai

* Tu Aine Joggi Hai Ni - Babbal Rai

* Niki Jihi Jind - Babbal Rai

* Maawan - Babbal Rai

* Dhakka Ho Giya - Babbal Rai

* Australian Challa Pt 1 - Babbal Rai

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